My name is Kori Ashton
Kori Ashton

Mom (two boys)

PAST: Week 1 - Sept 13, 2022
Intros & What is WordPress

  • Around the room
  • A little about your instructor
  • The Girls Who Code Program Overview / Examples
  • What is a website?
  • How is a website built?
  • What is WordPress?
  • Homework:
    Find 3 websites on the WordPress Showcase website that you like / take notes on why
    Advanced Homework: Check out this worksheet and try your hand at coding on
    Try WordPress for Free

PAST: Week 2 - Sept 27, 2022
Review & Choosing a Theme / Building Your Home Page

  • Around the room – what 3 websites did you like best?
  • Recap on What is WordPress
  • What is a Theme
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Assign Teams
  • How to Wireframe

Find 3 photos you’d like to use on your page. Send them to me
Try WordPress for Free

PAST: Week 3 - Oct 11, 2022

Review & Adding Content / Designing the Home Page

  • Add all Users to Staging Site
  • Access the Staging Site
  • Set up our Home Page
  • How to Add Text
  • How to Add Images

Continue working on your own page.
Advanced Homework: Create unique column structures on your page. Change up your wireframe ideas and challenge yourself.

PAST: Week 4 - Oct 25, 2022
Review & Build Out The Home Page

  • Design the home page with step-by-step instruction
  • Add in Navigation / Menus
  • Homework:
    Continue working on your own page.
    Advanced Homework: Add in galleries, video, or links to other pages / websites.

CURRENT Week 5 - Nov 15, 2022
Review & Showcase
Sorry for the skipped week of Nov 8. But we’ll be back on track on the 15th!

  • 15 mins to review / fix any issues you may need help with
  • set up header navigation
  • showcase