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As a current customer you can log in to your portal here and find our support ticket system.  We’re standing by to help.


Sales Questions

Need to ask us a question? Let’s chat. Click live chat or send us a quick email below and we’ll reply within one business day.

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General Questions

What does the setup fee cover?

We would like to shield you from the nightmare of building your own website. The setup fee covers our time to customize your selected website and load your content for you.  These fees are based on the complexity of your selected HappiSite.  We love this kinda nerdy task, so bring it on! We look forward to building your HappiSite for you! Make Happi Choices!

Do I have to pay for updates?

No. We define "update" as any edit or change to existing content on your website. For example - if you need a new team member added to your existing team page, we can do that for free. If you need a phone number changed, we will do that for free. We will also update your WordPress core files for security purposes - all for free with your Happi Plan. (mic drop)

How long does the setup process take?

We're pretty kickass when it comes to building HappiSites. It typically takes 2-3 business days once you've submitted your final content. You'll be sent a staging site to review and approve. If all is approved, we can go live! Happi Lite sites can go live within 24 hours.

What can I change on my website?

During your website setup, our Happi Makers can change the colors to match your brand, remove any sections you don't want, and hide other features for later use.  If you need to add any new sections there may be additional setup fees involved.  Please reach out and ask a pre-sale question if needed.

Can I use the images in the demo?

Yes. All images in our demos are from Royalty-Free resources like You'll need to follow their licensing permissions. You can use them, remove them, or replace them with your original images.

Can I add more pages?

Yes - But we've spoken about this DIY route. (insert a raised Mother's eyebrow & hands on the hips) We would like to save you from that nightmare task. So think DIFY - We will Do It For You.

We can add as many pages as you'd like, and if you need more server space, simply upgrade your plan. Remember that pages work differently inside of WordPress than the posts in your blog area.  Pages need more care with navigation, layout structure, and image placement. We understand the hassle and we'll hustle to get it done!

POST ACCESS: All HappiSites (not including "single-page" plans) do grant you access to publishing unlimited posts (blog), events, galleries, etc if that was included in your selected monthly package.

NOTE: Adding complex pages to your website may require actual development or new functionality to create the layout and link it in your top menu options. These types of requests will be quoted on an as-needed basis. They may be a one-time fee, or a small increase in your monthly plan. Simply submit a ticket with the new page details and we will consult with you.

ADMIN ACCESS If you're soaring with confidence and ready to wrangle the reins then you can be granted full publishing access to make every change desired (without access to change the core theme or plugins). Keep in mind that your monthly fee may increase based on the size of your websites' necessary server space.

Will I have access to DIY?

Seriously? Cut it out!  We will DIFY. Do It For You! But for those of you who do feel confident to dive in and add content to your blogs, galleries, calendars, and other areas, yes.  You will have full editor rights (dashboard access) to your WordPress website. Your only limitation will be no access to add plugins.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. Let our team know what domain you own (for example and we can help connect it for you.

Is hosting and security included in the price?

Yes. All of our HappiSites come with premium hosting, security, CDN (speed optimization) service, and 24/ 7 backups.

How long does my license last?

All of our plans are month-to-month. You can cancel anytime.

How do I cancel my plan?

You are not locked into any contract for length. We would be brokenhearted to see you go! But should you choose to cancel, simply reach out to our support team. No refunds will be issued, but all of our plans are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time.

All of your original content is still completely yours. If you'd like to take your HappiSite with you, additional licensing, fees, and terms may apply.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer a 30-day refund policy under these terms: If you choose to cancel your plan before your website "goes live" we will refund your first month's recurring fee. The setup fee is not refundable.

Remember, all of our plans are month-to-month. So simply cancel your subscription and no further fees will be charged. Please know that your website will be completely deleted without recovery options.

If you choose to sign up again, all setup fees will apply.

Do I own the website?

You are the full owner to all of your text, images, videos, and any other assets that you've provided for your site. If you'd like to cancel your monthly plan and move your HappiSite to a different server, please know that additional fees for licensing release may apply.

Who is behind this Happiness?

You'll want to grab a bowl of popcorn and your fav adult beverage to enjoy while you peruse the adventurous tale of how we came to be. No seriously - Sh*t is about to get real. Read The Happi Story

We love that you want to read the fine print, but there's no catch here. No hidden fees.

What is covered with Unlimited Support?

Content Edits

Our team will make any requested change for existing content on pages or posts (blog) that includes text, images, or videos on your website. 

What's Not Covered?

Adding new features or functionality to your website that require actual development time from our dev team. These types of requests will be quoted on an as-needed basis allowing you to pay a one-time fee to add them.

Support Ticket Time

Support is what we nerd out on! We can resolve a lot of questions via live chat, but if you submit a support ticket we will do our best to address it within 24 hours.